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This place has everything....... I want to emigrate!

sunny 24 °C
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Sydney was brilliant. The weather was fab the entire time for the first time in weeks :-)

I loved this city, although it seemed minature to what I imagined. The harbour bridge and the opera house were really nice but I thought they would be bigger for some reason. The city had plenty of open space, parks, cool new and old buildings side by side, a great atmostphere and plenty of bars and restaurants.

The1st day, Dad and I could find a petrol station before returning the hire car so we thought we may as well drive the harbour bridge seeing as we had a car, that we fun and made me realise I didn't need to do the bridge climb Iafter Kinabalu it was just too small!)
We did the usual tourist thing down by the harbour, opera house etc, went to the Imax theatre, took in the views by walking down through the botanical gardens. How many joggers are there in Sydney? I wonder what they all did for a living, they were there at all time of the day, I would have been embarassed doing sit ups in the botanical gardens amoung the tourists but there was testosterone everywhere. Anyhow check out the view:


The next day we caught a train to Bondi and bus to the beach, i was so much more impressed with Bondi beach than I thought I would be, the water was really clear (although freezing!) and the beach wasn't packed.


We then walked along the coast to Coogee beach. We caught the bus back to the city, the bus drivers here are the most helpful and friendly I think you will find anywhere in the world. It seems they will even divert off the route for you as long as everyone else is ok with it and show you exactly where to go next, no worries :-)

Just back in the city in time to catch the Manly ferry, we sat on the beach for the afternoon and I managed a healthy dose of shopping, picking up another bikini. We hung around here for dinner so that we could catch the ferry back to the city at sunset. It was a really good trip and finished off a really nice day.

Onwards and northwards... flying to Brisbane.

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Sydney - Blue Mountains

I can't believe it is raining here too!

all seasons in one day 15 °C
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After landing in Sydney we decided to head out to the mountains and come back to the city at the weekend.

Ahhhh, its raining here too!!!!! I'm really glad with all this crap weather that I had all my mountain stuff from Borneo to keep me dry and warm. Handily found a hotel with a spa :-)

The blue mountains are pretty, so close to Sydney, a nice little retreat for the weekend. We stayed here for 3 nights and luckily the weather cheered up to do a little walking and enjoy the views:


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Yarra Valley

Wine & mountains

overcast 15 °C
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After Melbourne we headed out to the mountains and the wine regions.

Lovely countryside with acres of grape vines led us to eucalyptus forests where we found a really nice spa hotel to base ourselves for the night.

The following day and night was spent with some relatives who emigrated here from the isle of wight. Having seen no rain for weeks they were delighted that we brought the rain with us!

Sydney I come :-)

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Great Ocean Drive

rain 18 °C
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The great ocean drive reminds me of the coastline in South Africa. By the time we got there it was raining and it was more like Well Chine on the Isle of Wight.

We still had a really nice couple of days but it was pretty cold and there was no swimming to be done!


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Who would choose Southampton when you could live in a city here!

sunny 23 °C
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Melbourne is a delightful city. Old fashioned trams (and new ones) provide a great transport system.
The weather was good, we amused ourselves for a few days here, down by the river. Now this is a much nicer place to be a rower than paddling up and down the itchen river!


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