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Pulau Tioman

First beach......

semi-overcast 32 °C
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We caught a bus across the border into Malaysia. Another stamp in my passport :-)

It was incredibly hot and the bus station in JB was so busy. We caught a air con bus to Mersing about 2 1/2 hours away and then got a "speedboat" over to the island.

Well the loney planet certainly wasn't joking when they said it was a white knuckle ride! We were all a bit freaked out when it stopped halfway with a problem with one of the engines. Needless to say, we are flying out of the island tomorrow!! That may also be a little hair raising given the size of the mini airstrip!

We met a couple of girls on the boat and have been hanging out over the last few days.

We have done plenty of walking, swimming & reading and we will definitly get some snorkels on our last day to see all the fish that are here.

Our resort (huts!) is a bit out of the way from the village so its a bit of a trek to go anywhere but we have an amazing view
Spent the first night here sat on the veranda watching the sun go down, check out Karens blog for some great photo's

Interesting taking the half hour trek back at night though, I was thinking blarewitch last night.......
As an alternative we tried to grab a boat ride back after a torrential downpour cut us off. We ended up in a bar not understanding a word then walking out into the water with two men in the pitch black until a boat appeared!!!

The funniest part of the last few days for me though was helping Rhian cleanse her room of her final cockroach who had made its way over to the island in her backpack. My god those things can move and when you have only got a broom handle to chase it with it becomes quite amusing :-)
Hope you are all enjoying work

Check out more photo's on Karens site

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Day 3

overcast 32 °C
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Our final day in Singapore was a trip to Orchard road for a little window shopping.

Karen was overwhelmed to find a Topshop as soon as we got off the metro. There was no way she wasn't buying anything so she has new knickers and I have a new vest from good old M & S!!

On our way to Raffles for our Singapore Slings we got absolutely soaked in our first tropical shower. I was so glad to have a dry top to change into IMG_0071_1_.pjpeg


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Day 2

sunny 33 °C
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PICS_014_jpg__35_.jpgHad a lovely swim in our pool on the 5th floor of our hotel, very nice indeed, the glass sides were cool swimming underwater!

From posh hotel to hostel here we come, we braved it by trying to walk with our backpacks in the searing heat to the MRT, not a good idea and just like day one ended up getting a cab. Peter Daniel has aptly named us flashpackers which at this rate, I think is a fair assessment!

Singapore MRT is great.

We bummed around the local area checking out the hawker stalls. For Di, Stef and Pam, I found the cake shop.......mmmmmmmmmm is all I have to say to you Xx

We found all the tourist areas sooooo expensive so in the evening we got the MRT to Little India and headed to a vegetarian restaurant recommended in the lonely planet, just what we wanted. I had a variety of curries on a banana leaf for 2 quid.

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First night

overcast 32 °C
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PICS_014_jpg__26_.jpgI arrived safely and found Karen quite easily. I was overwhelmed by the heat and humidity.
We launched ourselves straight into travel mode and headed for the bus to go to the hotel. 3 fustrated bus drivers later,we jumped into a cab! can't say that we didnt try!

We headed down the river in the evening and after fantastic bartering by Karen, took a rickshaw ride to Chinatown. We caught the fireworks and carnival floats for the last night of Chinese new year celebrations and had a quick chinese. Nothing else to say except i shall be sticking to vegetarian from now on.......

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My leaving party

What a send off

semi-overcast 12 °C
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PICS_014.jpgWhat a day, my friends turn up early to decorate my house, I have a runway with glow sticks, a departure lounge and later on, my very own pilot arrives with my friends as air hostesses

The party was brilliant, my hostesses greet my guests with a glass of bubbly and collect their boarding cards.

The evening unfolds as a two room party, a cocktail every 10 minutes for me for every country I am visiting while my friends go through each month of the year in the other room (love hearts for February, sparklers for November 5th, you get the picture!)

I had a great time, my friends enjoyed it. I was sad to say goodbye but world tour.......here I come

Thanks Captain

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