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Taman Negara

3 day trip

sunny 31 °C
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Two full days were taken travelling to the national park from KL. We took a coach and then were taken by longboat up the river. What a relaxing way to travel :-)


I tested out my fear of heights on the canopy walkway, the pictures don't show it but there was a fair amount of swearing on my part


We treked to a nice viewpoint at the park, exercise beats a gym class, I have never sweat so much in my life.


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Leaving Malaysia

Phuket Thailand

sunny 33 °C
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It seems strange to be leaving KL. We seem to have returned here over and over again to the point that the Hotel Chinatown Inn is like a home from home.

This is city where I have discovered a iced coffee and a growing fondness for curry!

Flashpacking continued with a flight from KL to Phuket. Great flight for 25 quid on a pretty new aircraft. For 2 girls who last year were terrified to fly we have become quite used to this form of transport and have realised that what we need is rich husbands! Not alone in that thought as we glance around the street surrounded by rather old unattrative men with pretty young Thai girls on their arms.......... must be love!

We are not that impressed with Phuket, it's really touristy and just makes me think of what Benidorm must be like.... yikes :-(

We found a nice bar/restaurant on the beachfront though and treated ourselves to a rather nice meal and my first glass of wine in 2 weeks :-), it was a one off though, we prefer to eat for a quid nowadays!

Experienced my first massage.........well Karen didn't quite prepare me for the rough slapping that this would involve! I will definitely opt for the foot massage next time.

My site doesn't allow me to put on many pictures so check out more on Karen's site


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Cameron Highlands

semi-overcast 28 °C
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We caught a luxury bus to the Cameron Highlands, it was an experience on the small winding roads and absolutely pouring with rain.

We only stayed the one night and hung up our flashpacks at our 4 pounds a night hostel :-)

Luckily the weather cleared for our daytrip to the tea plantations. I really enjoyed the fresh air after cooking in the humidity since i have arrived!

Our trip back to KL was interesting, there was no luxury transport available so we took the local bus. It broke down on the motorway, people panicked and jumped off as the engine overheated and smoke filled the bus, so Karen made the most of standing on the hard shoulder by chatting up totty!


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Kuala Lumpur

Day 2

sunny 32 °C
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We were clearly too slow to get up this morning, by the time we made it to the Petronas towers all the tickets were sold out :-(

They are closed on a monday so it will be an early start for us if we want to do on our last day in KL.

Shopping it is.....................


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Kuala Lumpur

Day 1

semi-overcast 31 °C
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Us flashpackers treated ourselves to a flight out of the tiny airstrip on Tioman. It was a brilliant flight, the runway was so short and we got a really good view on our way over. It only cost us an extra 20 pounds but saved us half a day of travelling which was spent on the beach instead :-)

We checked into a hotel in Chinatown. We spent the first night just wandering around the markets. Its a very lively place and the market stays open until quite late.

Check out more photo's on Karens site

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