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So there I was the night before my flight trying to check in online. I was a bit miffed that it wouldn't accept my check in and it said that I needed to go to the ticket desk to sort it out which thought probably related to my admin fee for re arranging dates.

Steve and I went to the airport but we were both on different flights at different terminals. Being the gentleman that he is he came all the way to Terminal 4 with me to make sure that i was checked in okay.

I went to the ticket desk and said to the lady that there was a problem and she said that I needed to pay for my upgrade. Insisting that she had made a mistake Steve announces that I am flying world traveller plus :-)

Very nice indeed, was the only numpty in there not dressed accordingly but hey, bollocks to them.

Best not get used to it though....................

What a sweetie :-)

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Stupid Farangs!

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An early start followed a late night (after being delayed in Singapore alone with no money having given steve my bank card!) so that we could make the most of the 1 day sightseeing that we had.

We headed straight for the Golden Buddha, Steve keen to show off his experience with the tuk tuk drivers that he had gained the day before! Total tourist mistake number 1 followed when I realised I had left my sarong/temple visiting attire in the hotel room (arrrhhhhh!) I had to wear a naff tourist t-shirt saying Thailand..... nice pictures!

Next off to the Grand Palace, it was hot hot hot. We were pestered to death outside by various touts so we sat down for 5 minutes to cool off and sort out our bag............... Tourist mistake number 2, where did the wallet go? (arrrhhhhh!)

Off we trot into the palace to look around, Steve in a rather fetching pair of borrowed trousers and me in my Thailand T shirt. Pretty palace, it was tot hot hot so we didn't hang around for long. The temple of the Emmerald Buddha was rammed with people taking pictures of the entrance but we headed round the back for a nice photo pretty much the same without the hordes, the poor security guard didn't know what to make of us not following the other sheep!
Got a nice cheeky smile from one of the soldiers on his march round the palace, not like the ones at Buckingham!

After a couple of hours of melting that was enough sight seeing for us and back to the sanctuary of the air con and a kip to ward of the jetlag!

Refreshed from our sleep we headed to see Wat Prom, handily my rough guide had the opening times wrong by and hour so were bang on time to see the doors closing (arrrrhhhh!)

Salvation was found in the form of lovely cafe by the river with an ice cold drink watching sunset over the palace of broken plates (Wat Arun).

We had arranged to meet Peter Daniel for a night on the tiles, looking pretty relaxed after a whole year of bumming around! he had us in our best attire for the night.
After a tasty thai meal we headed to a couple of bars. The best part of the night was cocktails on the roof terrace of the Banyan Tree hotel with fantastic views.

Steve was firstly requested to accompany a lady behind the screen to borrow another pair of rather unflattering trousers but this time with a pair of classic country club slip on shoes as his backpacking outfit was clearly deemed inappropriate! Amazing enough dressed like MC hammer with his baggy trousers he was approached by two "ladies" at the bar with an offer to join them............

The evening was finished off with another meal and finally landing in bed at 4am setting us up well for our morning flight to cambodia................ Farangs!!!!!!!!!

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Aosta Valley

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We headed off into Switzerland to drive the San Bernadino pass to add another country to the blog :-)

Such a shame I didn't bring a camera charger so all the photo's are from a disposable...............not so Girl Sensible!

The scenery was stunning, we made our way out of Lake Maggiore over to St Vincent in the Aosta valley. Our hotel appeared to be empty and they allocated us one of their suites for our money.......very nice indeed. Enjoyed the views of the Alps from our window with a bottle of bubbly :-)

We drove to the Matterhorn early the next morning, I was amazed to still find snow on the ground and couldn't resist a snowball fight. We headed to Mont Blanc and were disappointed to find the cable car undergoing in maintenance so we didn't get to go up. Still I wasn't disappointed with the surrounding mountains

We then spent the afternoon walking in the Gran Paradiso National Park before flying home.

The pounds didn't go so far as they did in Asia but a great week away.

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Lake Como

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We flew to Milan very early on Thursday morning :-)

Headed straight out to Lake Como, it looked stunning even though it was grey :-(

When the sun finally came out it was gorgeous.





We took boat trips all over the lake and ended our last day finding the highest random road on the map and driving it until we reached the top. It was amazing, we got there in time for sunset, what seemed to be a deserted village, slightly eerie but worth it




Next we are off to Aosta valley to see the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc

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Ko Samui

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The weather was gorgeous for the two days we spent in Ko Samui.

It was an early start for our boat trip out to Ang Thong National Marine Park. After a stop in a clear water bay for some snorkeling it was off to see the lagoon at the Marine Park and relax under the palms...... gorgeous :-)


We kayaked again....our favourite thing to combat those bingo wings!

After an exhasting shopping trip early evening we went out for a few cocktails. Everything was closing around midnight so we decided to checkout the lady boys at one of the hostess bars..... interesting!


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