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My room smells....... :-(

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After a traumatic goodbye in Singapore, I landed in Perth and was amazed at the tight customs and security process, they sure take it seriously here and pick on lone travellers! I was getting concerned for the safety of the marmite that I knew my Mum would be smuggling into the country for me later in the week!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was looking forward to wandering over to Kings Park for the afternoon. Advised to get the airport shuttle by my hostel I sat at the shuttle stop..............for 2 f***ing hours. A very random 2 hours indeed, I was adopted by an elderly German man who thought I was 16 and was concerned that I shouldn't be going to a hostel and I would be better off going to his hotel with him. Unsure of whether this was friendly or very disturbing (given that there were 4 other German people there and he was talking to just me) I started to ask other people if they would like to share a cab with me, including a good looking frenchman :-) as soon as he agreed, the bus turns up!

If you go/leave to Perth airport, get a taxi, they are better value, nicer people and you get immediate service!

It would have been quicker and less scary to walk into the city! The bus route seemed to take forever (well another 2 hours) and I was 2nd to last to be dropped off (luckily my German friend was the stop before me!) so I spent the beautiful sunset stuck on a bus and arrived at my hostel in the dark 5 hours late....... :-( Not that I was missing much as my hostel was a bit of a hole and my room really smelt!

I woke up the next morning and headed off for a bit of pampering at the hair salon. That went really well and I went back to do my washing at the hostel in the rain. The washing machine was crap so it took me all afternoon :-( will I ever see the sights of Perth I ask myself? Luckily a spillage of washing powder marginally improved the smell in my room :-)
Everything improved from then on as I met up with Karen. We had a gorgeous veg thai meal and I finally made it to Kings Park the next day :-)


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Bye bye Asia

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Up again with a hangover for an early flight. We flew to Johor Bahru to save some money and crossed the border in a taxi. In the midst of our last day yesterday we had forgotten to arrange our hotel for the last couple of nights.

Our taxi ride was fairly stressful, the hotel we had planned to stay in was fully booked and after calling about 10 others it was becoming apparent that we should have booked in advance and there was some conference or something on.

In the end we stayed in a well posh hotel for us on the 56th floor with incredible views (not that I could stand on the balcony!) but we will be paying for it for a while!


We had an amazing curry in Little India which was absolutely choca and did a little shopping, of course.............. a new pair of shoes :-)

The plan for the last night was to eat in one of the many fish restaurants by the quay. Once I saw all the crabs and fish in the tanks waiting for the enevitable I couldn't go through with it and we ended up having tapas at a Spanish restaurant with a healthy jug of sangria :-)

Today Asia tomorrow Australia!

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Kota Kinabalu

Moving hurts and is not an option :-(

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The day after the climb....... ouch

Hunger was the motivation to get up, luckily it was only 30ft across the road for Waffles :-)

There came a point during the day when walking on the flat was ok, up and particularly down steps was a huge problem. I will be more sympathetic to the elderly in future.

This was our last day in Borneo :-( and coincided with Hari Raya (the end of the muslim fasting)

We heard the govenor was having an open house at the local sports complex so we caught a taxi to join in the festival.
It was great, there was stalls with all types of food (all free). Being English we struggled to understand the lack of queuing! Even children were crushed in the rush!

We were somewhat a novelty for some people, I think I saw 2 other white people while we were there and a couple of girls wanted our picture (I really don't want to leave a country where pale and pasty skin is a good thing!)


We caught another beautiful sunset and our last night in Borneo was completed with a curry and cocktails with another couple of brit's :-)

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Kota Kinabalu

New shoes :-)

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We used the same hotel as a base in KK. This felt like being stalked....... the maids sat outside our room permanently and would make the room up before you had even checked out and take any money you left on the side assuming it was a tip before you even left it for them..... cheeky!

We made a dash away from them and headed off for a bit of shopping and no matter where a woman is in the world she will buy more shoes. When they are only £10 a pair it is pretty hard to resist. God knows where I was planning on wearing them or how I was planning to transport them, but to get out of my flip flops and trainers for 5 minutes was nice :-)

We checked out the ferry timetable so that we could go and visit one of the islands off KK the next day. The sunset down by the jetty was gorgeous :-)


We thought we would go to a local hawker place for breakfast for a change. We had had so many nice meals from these places and had eaten for less than a £1 between us in the evening markets that we thought we should give brekkie a go.
It was a chinese and I had had enough of rice and they had pictures of boiled eggs and toast so I thought I couldn't really go wrong with that......... yuck they were half boiled and served with honey toast. Even asking them to boil them for a bit longer they still came back raw. I really didn't want to offend them but I was going to gag if i ate them. Steve didn't fair so well with his fish noodle soup either!

Anyway our usual bakery was open so we picked up some raisin bread and some sugar coated garlic bread (oh yes there is sugar on everything!) and caught the boat over to one of the islands. Amazingly they were really nice. The water wasn't really clear enough so snorkel but it had a lovely beach and it was nice to chill out for a bit before our next trip.

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Kuala Lumpur

Back to familiar territory

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We had to have an over night stopover on the way to Borneo. We arrived quite late so we headed straight for the hotel where I spent so much time earlier in the year. It was nice not to have the hastle of getting our bearings, easy travelling!

Picked up another load of cheap Dvd's ready for a few cosy nights in when I get home!

Twin towers at night was cool.

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